medtwogalsrWe are producers of high quality llamas. Our animals can be used as a pack llama, a show llama, cart llama / driving llama team , guard llama (for sheep or goats), pet llama, and a 4H llama.

Llama wool is soft, warm, has no lanolin so it is excellent for spinners and weavers. We sell both raw llama wool and clean llama wool for spinning and weaving.

We board llamas that we sell.

We provide llamas to 4-H clubs

We provide stud service with a choice of 5 males. Featuring North American llama, Chilean llama, Bolivean llama, North American / South American llama cross bloodlines.

We raise light wooled llamas, medium wooled llamas, and heavy wooled llamas.meddottyswiss

You can find appaloosa llamas, paint llamas , and several shades of red llamas, brown llamas, gray llamas, and black llamas.